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Comparison of window film types

Film TypeVisible LightPrivacyUV ProtectionAnti FadingGlare ReductionHeat ReductionSecurityAppearancePrice Region
Film TypeVisible LightPrivacyUV ProtectionAnti FadingGlare ReductionHeat ReductionSecurityAppearancePrice Region
Privacy Frosted Film●●●●●●●●●●●Frosted, Sandblasted, Etched effect
Privacy Mirror Film●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●silver mirror with one way vision effect€€
Anti Fading Film●●●●●●●●●●●●●●silver or clear
Anti Glare Film●●●●●●●●●●●●●●silver
Heat Control Film●●●●●●●●●●●●●●silver
Safety Film●●●--●●●Clear
Frequently Asked Question

General Window Film Questions

What is window film?

Window Film is a glass treatment of high quality polyester film that can be applied directly on almost any glass surfaces, such as windows, glass doors and partitions.

Which film is best to use?

There are many window films available with varying degrees of performance. Some films are highly reflective whilst others are not. Colours can vary from clear to silver reflective mirror effect. If in doubt please talk to our advisor which will take you step by step on how to choose your film. You can also call us to discuss your options to suit your personal needs or send us a query and will get back to you promptly with a response. Contact Us

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, producer provides 10 year warranty against peeling and discolouring.

Do you have a helpline?

Yes. Please contact us at 01 685 2177 or email and we will answer your questions and assist you with choosing a film suitable for your needs. Contact Us

Window Film Installation

What kind of glass can I use window film on?

You can use window film on any flat glass without surface texture. The glass needs to be clean, smooth and free from any paint blobs. Film cannot be used on stained glass type windows as their surface is not flat.

Which side of the window is window film applied to?

Generally, film is intended for internal use only but if necessary, can be used outdoors with shorter lifespan.

Is window film easy to install?

Yes. Just follow instructions in our video tutorial. We also provide installation tools with each order.

Can you fit it for me?

Yes, we provide installation service nationwide. Please give us a call on 01 685 2177 for a quote. Contact Us

Look & Feel

Can I see through the window film?

This depends on the type of film that you opt for some of our films such as our one way mirror film have been designed to that you can see through the window film, but nobody can see in. Frosted privacy window film provides total privacy solution from both sides of the window.

Is window film suitable for a bathroom or kitchen?

Yes, you can use the film in a bathroom or kitchen, but not where the film will come into direct contact with water or grease such as the inside of a shower door or behind a hob. None of the window films in our shop are affected in any way by heat or condensation.

Will window film make my home look like a 'mirror' from the outside?

No – unless you specifically choose a reflective film option.  All glass (even clear) has a certain reflectance. Adding any grade of colour film enhances that natural reflective aspect. Even tinted glass is more reflective than clear.

Unless required for excessive heat or privacy issues, we would not normally recommend the use of reflective film in homes.


Is window film easy to clean?

Yes. Simply spray window lightly and clean using a soft cloth. You will find window film much more hygienic and lower maintenance than net or sheer curtains.

How long does window film last?

Most window films we supply are designed to last from 5 years to a lifetime.

Is window film easy to remove?

Yes. The films we supply are very durable and hard wearing but can be easily removed if desired. Just warm up the film with a hair dryer and peel off. Please note that once removed, the film cannot be re-used.