Mirror Privacy Film 1.2m High (3.9 ft)

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The most common issue with glass is trying to reduce the glare and heat that comes into an office or home with sunlight. Our Mirror privacy film offers a sense of privacy too with the film acting as a mirror during the day! Our Mirror privacy film is specifically designed for its performance characteristics in sunlight and privacy.

Also known as Reflective Film,One-way mirrored film, Daylight privacy window film, Mirror Privacy Film is a Solar film with a reflective layer. Mirror film allows you to see without being seen. In the daytime the one-way mirror window film will provide privacy.

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Also known as Reflective Film, One-way mirrored film, Daylight privacy window film, Mirror Window Film is a Solar film with a reflective layer.Mirror window film allows you to see without being seen. In the daytime the one-way mirror window film will provide privacy, preventing passers-by from looking in but still allowing you to see through to the outside. From the outside the window will look like a mirror. In the night-time the one-way mirror effect is reversed so using a window blind is recommended. It works by reflecting images on both sides, however the side that is brighter creates the brighter image and this is what can be seen from both sides, one as a reflection (outside) and one looks like you’re looking through the film (inside).

The mirror window film also has solar control properties to reduce heat, glare and block out harmful UV radiation, this helps to reduce fading of interior furnishings.NOTE: If you have a light source inside the one-way mirror effect may be lessened. The film is not recommended if you are trying to achieve privacy between internal rooms or have a room that is backlit by other windows. Heat control solar window film deflects up to 78% of solar radiation and 99% of harmful UV rays. The mirror window film reduces the solar radiation and heat that comes through windows causing uncomfortable temperatures in areas with a lot of glass or in ‘suntraps’ such as glazed atrium, canopies and conservatories. Our mirror window film can deflect up to 78% of solar energy.

When the sun hits your window, the clear glass will only stop about eleven percent of solar radiation. The remaining eighty nine percent of the heat and energy is transmitted through your window.The mirror window film works by filtering out selected wavelengths of the sun’s infrared radiation using ceramic and precious metal sputtering technology, while maintaining a high amount of visible light transmittance, offering a clear view in and out through the glass.


  • Gives maximum daytime privacy for the occupants without comprising view or aesthetics
  • As it is the most reflective film, it provides the greatest heat rejection & reduces energy costs (It reduces energy costs for winter heat loss and summer cooling)
  • Can be used to block unsightly views once daylight is stronger than interior light

  • Ideal choice for commercial buildings trying to hide an unattractive combination of blinds, curtains and interior furnishings,
  • Especially suited to ground floored offices seeking more privacy
  • Cashier room or Security room or to hide valuables from view.
  • Excellent for use with Motor homes and camper van.providing light and privacy
  • A great option for homes that benefit from natural light and for homes with small children or pets who enjoy looking outside frequently

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