Safety Manifestation Dots

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Glazing Safety Manifestation DOTS or SQUARES. Glass Door Safety Stickers.

Glazing Manifestations provide the simplest fast-track route to compliance with the regulations, the standard manifestations being always available from stock.

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Etched Effect 50mm diameter and 100 spacing. Designed to be applied to glass windows, door and partitions to make glass appear more visible. These safety stickers are self-adhesive, easy to install and do not require any special maintenance.

They offer a neat unobtrusive and unpretentious solution that can be replicated through all departments and buildings of an organization where required. Please refer to Building Regulations. Approved Document M section 2.24 for provisions that apply and also the HSE Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 – Regulation 14.

Product Code And Description
  • SD1  →  50mm DOTS, 50mm SPACES (100mm CENTRES)
  • SD2  → 50mm DOTS, 100mm SPACES (150mm CENTRES)
  • SD3  →  50mm SQUARES, 50mm SPACES (100mm CENTRES)
  • SD4  →  50mm SQUARES, 100mm SPACES (150mm CENTRES)

The glazing manifestations shall be 50mm DOTS (or SQUARES) with 50mm (or 100mm). The higher band shall be (select height between 1400 to 1600mm) from the floor and the lower band shall be(select height between 850 to 1000mm) from the floor.


It is the users’ responsibility to ensure the product is suitable for the intended use. The seller shall not be liable for any director consequential loss howsoever arising.

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